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                About IRM Touch
                Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.(IRMTouch Inc.)It is a high-tech enterprise with the world's leading infrared multi touch technology.Promoting the application of the infrared touch screen in the modern information field with the spirit of high concentration and continuous innovation.Provide a full range of industry - class infrared multi - touch screen solutions.
                IRM Touch The independent research and development of the infrared multi touch screen, with a number of infrared multi touch field technology patents, products through CE, FCC and Rohs certification.

                management idea
                ? Concentrate on diligence
                ? Yanjingjiuwei winning innovation
                ? Scientific integrity for the sake of righteousness
                ? Contributing to the sustainable management of society

                Human concept
                ?Brainstorming and cultivating talents
                Core competitiveness

                ? Gather the top scientific and technological talents, establish the technical leadership position, constantly improve the service, continue to reduce the cost, and let the partners share enough profit space.

                Sense of worth
                ? Customer acceptance and employee satisfaction = the success of Jingyan

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