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                On May 18 2019, Hengfu Museum, locates at No. 62 Fuxing West Road Shanghai, revealed itself to the public. The building was built in 1930 and was announced as a cultural relics protection unit of Shanghai in 1989. Its exterior and interior decoration are Spanish style and it falls to the first batch of outstanding historical buildings in Shanghai.


                The long passing time has not erased its existence. Instead, with the assistance of technology, it performs itself as the messenger of inheritance and takes on the mission of gathering and demonstrating the culture of Shanghai Style after two years of designing, repairing and reconstructuring. Now with the five themed exhibition halls of “Historical Retrospective”, “Revitalization and Utilization”, “Hengfu Architecture”, “Red Memory” and “Hundred years of Humanities”it is demonstrating the audience the changing of the era. 


                The most astonishig part of the museum is definitely the 200-inch large-screen full-touch magice mirror wall that displays Hengfu Style. The mirror wall is made up of high-definition LCD large screen, infrared touch frame and custom magic mirror wall software. It realizes its cool function by means of a 2-way PC signal transmission. Visitors can experience the development of the century-old Shanghai and appreciate the elegant style of Spanish architecture through fingertips.


                A 3-face styled 110-inch Celebrity kiosks draw another attention in the museum.The kiosk is composed of two high-definition LCD large screens, an IRMT infrared touch frame and supporting custom display software aiming to achieve vivid interactive effects. visitors can interact with the screen through their fingers by clicking, dragging or zooming to read the deeds and styles of famous persons all round and experience the profound humanistic accumulation.


                The touch interactive products on the magic mirror wall and the Celebrity Kiosk are from Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (www.irmtouch.com). It is a high-tech company with industry-leading infrared multi-touch interactive technology. And it continues leading its employees to launch products with high quality, good reputation and good service based on the concept of “excellent from diligence and research with all heart”, assisting more of Hengfu Style like projects fall into place.

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